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This is a space for the free exchange of information of interest and import to the community of Internet Researchers. It is an outgrowth of the Association of Internet Researchers, and is intended to be a scholarly resource. Please help us by adding your syllabus, annotated bibliographies, and other useful information.

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Founded in 1999, the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) is an learned society dedicated to the advancement of the transdisciplinary field of Internet studies. It is an international, member-based support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research, independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders.

AoIR was formally founded on May 30, 1999, at a meeting of nearly sixty scholars at the San Francisco Hilton and Towers, following initial discussions at a 1998 conference at Drake University entitled "The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory: Metaphor, Magic & Power." As the Chronicle of Higher Education noted, its rapid growth during the first few years of its existence marked the coming of age of Internet studies. It has continued to grow, with a membership of approximately 400 scholars. It supports AIR-L, a mailing list with over 4,000 subscribers.

AoIR holds an annual academic conference, as well as promoting online discussion and collaboration through a long-running mailing list, and other venues. The 2012 conference was held in Salford.

This site is the result of a discussion on the AIR-L list, seeking a space for organizing syllabi, reading lists, and other collections of information frequently sought on the list.

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