There are many scholarly publications today that accept research about the Internet. This list features journals that either have Internet research as a stated primary focus or broader disciplinary journals that have developed a reputation for having a focus in Internet research. In the latter case, this may be due to the prominence of Internet studies scholars on editorial boards, a history of publishing special issues on Internet research, or some other similar reason.

Journals with a Specific Focus on Internet ResearchEdit

Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies - Sage Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, Masaryk University

First Monday - University of Illinois at Chicago

The Fibreculture Journal

Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research - IT University of Copenhagen, et al.

Games and Culture - Sage

Information, Communication & Society - Taylor & Francis

The Information Society: An International Journal - Taylor & Francis

International Journal of Internet Science - University of Deusto

Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media - Broadcast Education Association

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication - International Communication Association/Wiley

Journal of Information Technology & Politics - American Political Science Association/Taylor & Francis

Journal of Magazine & New Media Research - Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication

Journal of Peer Production

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Mobile Media & Communication - Sage

New Media & Society - Sage

NMEDIAC: Journal of New Media & Culture - ibiblio

Television & New Media - Sage

tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique

Journals with a Reputation for Publishing Internet ResearchEdit

American Behavioral Scientist - Sage

International Journal of Communication - University of Southern California

Journal of Urban Technology - Taylor & Francis

M/C Journal - Queensland University of Technology

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